2nd National Convention & Scientific Seminar on Organ Transplantation – Dhaka Bangladesh

Sept 13, 2014

The 2nd National convention and scientific seminar was held 13th September 2014 and Transplant coordinator training programme was held from 14th to 18th September ,2014 in Dhaka ,Bangladesh .
Professor Won-Hyan Cho,Keimyung University,Daegu,Korea and President of Vitalink and Professor Young Hoon Kim, Medical College of Inje University ,Korea and Professor Sunil Shroff from India present as guest speaker along with local faculty.
Transplant Coordinators training program was held in association with Society of Organ transplant, and Kidney Foundation, Bangladesh along with Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network (MOHAN) foundation and supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan Trust,India.
About 80 doctors,nurses and nondoctors participated in 5 days training program. About 12 speakers were invited for training program.
A booklet was published on this occasion.

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